According to the leaked Elon Musk email, Tesla can set a quarterly record for deliveries

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It's hard to make sense of what's happening with Tesla sometimes. Is the company on the brink of bankruptcy, or is it willing to set new delivery records? Well, the answer to both questions could be "yes," according to Tesla CEO Elon Musk.

A few days ago, an internal email from employees of Musk to Tesla claimed that in just 10 months the company was in danger of running out of cash. As a result, Musk said the company would implement "hardcore" cost-cutting measures, an initiative Musk claims is the only way the company can "be financially sustainable and succeed in our goal of helping the world's environment

A couple of analyst research reports laid out rather dire bear-case scenarios for Tesla in the following days, with Morgan Stanley noting that Tesla might be worth only $10 a share in a worst-case scenario. As a reference point, Tesla traded less than six months ago at $376.

All that said, there seems to be a growing demand for Tesla vehicles and on the brink of setting new records. According to a new internal email from Musk (via CNBC), the CEO of Tesla relayed that the company was on track to set a new June quarter delivery record.

"As of yesterday," Musk said, "for this quarter we had more than 50,000 net new orders. Based on current trends, we have a good chance of exceeding last year's record 90,700 Q4 deliveries and making this Tesla's highest deliveries / sales quarter!"Naturally, Musk's statement was tempered with the qualification that at least 1,000 units per day, Model 3 production needs to remain steady.

"This week we've averaged about 900/day," Musk added, "so we're just about 10% off 7,000/week. If we rally hard, we can do it. "The bigger takeaway from all this Tesla hoopla is that demand does not seem to be a huge issue for the company, contrary to some analyst opinions. Still, the company burns at an alarming rate through cash and needs to pick up production to meet growing demand, as Musk notes.
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