Elon Musk hires man behind the sheep meme of 'absolute unit' to run the social media of Tesla

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The man responsible for a viral tweet about a giant sheep has reportedly been hired by Elon Musk as Tesla's social media manager.

Adam Koszary, program manager for the UK's Reading Museum and Museum of English Rural Life (@TheMERL), run by the University of Reading, will join Tesla in July, according to his Twitter account.

In April last year, the @TheMerl account went viral when it tweeted an old picture of a big ram with the caption: "Look at this absolute unit." The tweet has now been retweeted more than 31,000 times and has over 111,000 likes.

Last month Musk changed his Twitter bio to “absolute unit” and his picture to the image of the sheep. @TheMerl returned the compliment by changing its bio photo to one of Musk.

The tweet led to a series of messages from Musk ending with one reading: “My Twitter is pretty much complete nonsense at this point.”

Tesla wasn't available for comment immediately. Whether the sheep tweet was instrumental in the hiring of Koszary is not yet clear.

With Twitter, Musk has a troubled history. The Tesla founder must now have his tweets checked by lawyers after claiming incorrectly on social media that his company was close to a large investment from the largest investment fund in Saudi Arabia.

In recent weeks, the share price of Tesla has slipped as investors worry that the company runs out of cash.

Now more than a month later, Adam Koszary, the man behind's the museum's viral fame says he's been hired by Tesla to run the company's social media starting in July.

It all started in April, when Elon Musk -amid his fight with US prosecutors about his use of Twitter -responded to an MIT Technology Review article with a photo of a sheep originally tweeted by the Museum of English Rural Life that he too was an absolute unit.

The interactions got even stranger when Musk and the Museum swapped Twitter avatars, with the museum changing its name to "Musk-eum."
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