Theresa May's downfall, Brexit's Prime Minister Broken

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The devastated Theresa May walked back through the Number 10 Downing Street black door with tears in her eyes. (Bloomberg)— At 10:11 a.m.

Once inside, she thanked her staff who applauded her and then found Philip, her husband. For a few moments alone, the couple went through to the private study of the prime minister.

It was the end she had dreaded for May, 62, but was no longer able to avoid. She resigned as a U.K. after three years fighting Brexit's impossible contradictions. Prime Minister, finally defeated.
As Philip, her closest confidant and most important advisor, comforted May in her distressing moment, none of the assistants or officials gathered inside No. 10 wanted to disturb them.

In fact, they knew a day earlier that there was no hope left, and they would have to resign the prime minister known for her stubborn resilience.
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