AP FACT CHECK: No sign of a farm goods agreement between Trump and Mexico

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WASHINGTON (AP)— President Donald Trump is bragging about a fresh agreement with Mexico that offers for "big" U.S. farm products sales, but it does not seem to exist.

He announced in all capital letters on weekend tweets that he had won the contract to benefit America's "excellent patriot farmers," and that U.S. sales would start "instantly," but there is no indication of that happening. Mexican authorities rejected the inclusion of anything on agriculture in the border security agreement reached Friday to avert the threatened tariffs of Trump.

Trump also unfairly put Mexico's accountability for the entire U.S. drug issue, although the nation has nothing to do with many of the renowned drug fatalities.

The statements came in a week when in Trump's comments the allocation of credit and blame often went wrong.

He praised pristine air quality that is not, mistakenly insisted that the U.S. was paying "close to 100 percent" of NATO and told Puerto Ricans that they should love him because he had given them hurricane support that he had been complaining about for months.
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