Scott Baio accuses Joe Biden of stealing his 'let's make America America again' speech: 'He's a plagiarizing fraud'

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Alyssa Milano is not the only television star of the 80s that these days gives Joe Biden a difficult time.

Milano, a Democrat, lately voiced frustration at the seit-reversed approval of the former vice president for the Hyde amendment on abortion, stating it kept her from endorsing him in the Democratic presidential nomination race. But it is unlikely that Biden will have any shot to win over conservative actor Scott Baio, who called the politician a "plagiarizing fraud."

The presidential campaign of Biden in 1988 was struck on allegations of plagiarizing British politician Neil Kinnock. More than three decades later, to the delight of his political rivals, the former Delaware governor faces comparable allegations about the wording in his climate plan and other 2020 campaign content.

Conservatives are now accusing Biden of tearing off an alleged Trump mistress Stormy Daniels ' former attorney, Michael Avenatti, and a once-hoped presidential. Speaking at Tuesday's rally in Iowa, Biden said to the audience,"[ Trump] says,' Let's make America great again... Let's create America again. "According to Fox News, it's a slogan that Avenatti tweeted that he was" pleased "to use Biden. It also captured the first son Donald Trump Jr.'s attention.

But it was incorrect with Trump Jr.'s, says Scott Baio. The former Charles in Charge star claims he was the first to use the sentence "let's create America again" when he spoke at the Republican Convention 2016. The actor also insisted that his words differ from the title of a 1935 Langston Hughes poem, "Let America Be America Again."

Baio called Biden a "plagiarizing fraud" and responded to a fan's call for apology from the Democratic presidential frontrunner.

The 58-year-old also shot back at a fan from Biden, praising the comments from Iowa, tweeting, "this hashtag is mine."

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