The reality is there: on Bigfoot, FBI publishes its file

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On Wednesday, the Federal Bureau of Investigation published a correspondence folder containing the outcomes of trials conducted on a tissue sample alleged to be from Bigfoot, also known as Sasquatch— a presumed human-like creature sporadically reported to be roaming the Pacific Northwest desert.

The 22-page file, released following a petition for the Freedom of Information Act, showed that the FBI agreed to test a hair sample "connected to a small piece of skin" acquired and presented by the Bigfoot Information Center based in Oregon.

After a 1975 study in the "Washington Environmental Atlas" referred to FBI Laboratory trials "in connection with the Bigfoot phenomenon," the letters indicate the group sent the sample.

The FBI kept a Bigfoot file, which was released Wednesday. (Yahoo News photo Illustration; photos: AP, Getty Images)

Peter Byrne, director of the Bigfoot Information Center, wrote in a letter to the office: "Will you kindly, to set the record directly, once and for all, if the FBI has examined hair that might be that of a Bigfoot; when this took place; if it took place; what were the findings of the assessment?" "Please know that our study is serious here." The FBI said that there was no record of such testing.

Four years after UFO sightings, Navy updates pilot reporting rules] But in the following letter to Byrne, dated 15 December. In 1976, Jay Cochran Jr., assistant director of the Scientific and Technical Services Division of the FBI, ordered him to send the sample to the Washington FBI Laboratory.

"In connection with criminal inquiries, the FBI Laboratory conducts exams mainly of physical evidence for law enforcement agencies," Cochran wrote. "Occasionally, on a case-by-case basis, we create exceptions to this general policy in the interests of research and scientific investigation. We will examine the hairs and tissue listed in your letter with this knowledge. "The FBI revealed the outcomes of its exams three months later.

"The hair is of family origin for the deer," wrote Cochran.

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