Trump produced a good call at the hospital to Jerry Nadler

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WASHINGTON — Putting aside his sharp political disagreements with one of his main congressional tormentors, President Trump appealed to Rep. Jerry Nadler, who was briefly hospitalized in May in Manhattan, Yahoo News discovered.

On May 24, when he appeared to grow weak, Nadler was at an case promoting speed cameras at a college on Manhattan's Upper West Side, slowing slightly forward. New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio was sitting next to him offering water to Nadler, but apparently the 71-year-old congressman remained dazed. Medical professionals were summoned, and Nadler was taken to Lenox Hill Hospital by an ambulance, where he spent the night.

His employees later said he suffered from dehydration, likely due to the crowded gymnasium temperature. His employees also said that Nadler was suffering from no severe medical circumstances. "Hospital was just a precaution," Yahoo News was told by one Nadler staffer.

But Nadler got an unexpected call from Trump while on Lenox Hill. The call has not been recorded before.
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